Deadly cars

Cars can be very dangerous machines!

Terms of Use

We like our visitors to feel that they are welcome to our website. However, there are a minority of people who do not necessarily act as ethically as the rest of us would like them to. For this reason we have to have a set of terms and conditions which are listed below. Sadly, we must insist that unless you accept all these terms and conditions – every last one of them – you must not continue to browse our website.

The purpose of these terms and conditions

We wish to ensure that no one does anything which can adversely affect either our website, or other visitors to it.

Geographic limitations

This website is designed to entertain persons residing in the United Kingdom only. It is likely that any statements in this website will not be relevant to persons residing in other countries. If you are not a UK resident you should treat the information in this website as being unreliable for your own purposes.

Access to our website

As far as possible we like our website to be available to all visitors at all times. It is not, however, possible to guarantee this 100 percent and therefore you must accept that from time to time this site may be unavailable.

Accuracy of our information on this site

The site is intended for entertainment purposes and we cannot make any guarantee that the information that we publish is completely accurate, as well as up-to-date. Whilst we do make reasonable efforts to make sure that we publish nothing but the real facts we are only human. You must therefore accept that as human beings we are fallible, and you must not therefore base any decisions, of any description, of what you have read in this website.

Use of our information

Everything on this website is copyright material. None of it may be reproduced in any way, except for a copy of the site that you may store on your own computer for your own non-commercial uses. Any copying of our articles or images is strictly prohibited without our express written permission.

Commercial usage of our site

This site is intended for individuals, who are interested in reading about cars for their own entertainment. It is not for commercial use, such as price checking, and the use of any form of bot to extract information from our site is strictly prohibited.

Abuse of our site

We reserve the right to track any system that we feel is designed to abuse our site, whether this is meant to harm our site or affect our visitors in any way. We will take the fullest measures which are legally available to us to protect our interests, and those of our users, if any such abuse takes place. Examples of abuse would include injection of advertisements, infection with viruses or Trojans, or denial of service attempts amongst others.

We will cooperate fully with any law enforcement agencies in order to protect our website or it's users.

Your personal information

The Internet is an insecure medium and you must accept that any personal information that you send to any website may be intercepted. You accept that we can bear no responsibility for loss of information if you send it to us in any way.

Linking to our website

If you have a website of your own and you feel that our site would be of interest to your visitors you are very welcome to hyperlink to it. Sites that link to us must, however, not contain any material which is hateful, discriminatory, obscene, or objectionable to a reasonable person in any way.

Links from our website

We may link out to other websites that we feel may be of interest to you. You accept that these are separate websites, and any dealings you have with these sites cannot in any way be the responsibility of the owners of this website.

Limit of liability

Subject to the laws of the United Kingdom, you accept that we bear no liability whatsoever towards any visitors or any other third party for any issues whatsoever that may befall as a result of the existence of this website.

Your acceptance of these terms and conditions

In order to continue browsing our website you must agree with all of the above terms and conditions. If you cannot do this then we must insist that you leave our site immediately.

Variation of these terms and conditions

If we decide to do so, as a result of changes to our own policies or of legal changes, we may vary this document from time to time and it will be your own responsibility to check it at regular intervals to make sure that you can still accept it.

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